Frontiers in Science Education Research

An international conference on

science and mathematics education research


22-24 March 2009




Conference Topics




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Conference Topics

a. Undergraduate Curricula

  Learning outcomes approach

  Undergraduate curricula for mathematics and science

  Evaluation of curricula

  Courses, tutorials and labs

  Science and mathematics core curriculum for engineers

  Science and mathematics courses for other programs

  Testing and assessing learning


b. Teaching and Learning Strategies

  Effective approaches to teaching

  Classroom environments and management

  Effective learning strategies

  Teaching students how to learn


c. Technology in Teaching and Learning

  Role and effect of ICT

  Computer-aided teaching and learning

  E-learning resources

  Distance teaching and learning



d. Faculty Development

  Faculty’s needs for training

  Models of faculty development

  Assessment of faculty development


e. Teacher Training

  Pre-service teacher training curricula

  In-service training / professional development of teachers

  Comparative teacher training

  School experience of student teachers


f. Contemporary Issues

  Language of instruction – native vs. foreign

  Diagnosing and remedying misconceptions in science

  Bologna Process/Tuning Project


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